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  Process Flow  
  Introduction :  
  This Business process Document has been developed for use in Alpha Data Management Services for school Gateway arrangement. Alpha data management Services has providing IT solutions to their merchants as per requirement. It includes ERP development, data management etc. which helps merchants for speedy, smooth and work in paperless environment with minimal manpower. This process will provide support to educational institutes for accepting their students’ fees through online mode like Payment Gateway, net-banking etc.  
  Explanation of Business Process Document :  
  Maharashtra state is a good educational background and culture. During visit to the various educational organizations it is observed that most of the educational organizations are doing their day to day work like daily attendance of student and their staff, yearly planning for educational programs, communication method with parents, keeping students record in traditional way by maintaining manual registers, files etc. During discussion with various schools for keeping their work in in online mode, we understand that schools are very keen for digitalization but they have stucked due to non-availability of technical support. We have decided to provide IT solutions to the educational institutes’ at least for maintaining their day to day records. To implement the above concept we have selected few schools in first phase and developed ERP for maintenance of their student’s records in a improved manner. This ERP would help school management to retrieve any information about particular student with the help of unique number (GRN) allocated by school to the student. Using this module, dependency on manual process will reduced and school can get any information on a fingertip, such as retrieving data of any student as per their requirement. In case of emergency they can get the contact details of their parents. School can maintain fee records of their students in this module. As a technical support partner we have planned to provide online platform to school for getting the fees through online mode. In this process parents can make the payment of school fees using the online platform.  
  Benefits for School :  
  1. Fast and easy online collection of fees
  2. Maintenance of a secure database of accounts
  3. Online tracking of fees and other school accounts
  4. Safe and secured collection of fees
  5. Prevention of fraud in transactions
  6. Involvement of lesser workforce by schools
  7. 24×7 operation of program; transaction can happen any time
  8. Options for online fee collection in installments
  9. Stay in competition and stay ahead with technology
  10. Customized MIS (Reports)
  Benefits for Parents :  
  1. Just pay fees online and relax. Save time and relieve yourself out of the stress associated with paying your child’s fees in person!
  2. No rushing to schools or banks and standing in queues and wasting time to pay fees
  3. Pay fee online, which is safe and secure
  4. Enjoy fast and easy payment of school fees
  5. Pay fees online anytime according to your convenience
We have introduced innovative automated school fee solutions to educational institutes enjoy hassle-free management and enable parents/guardians to pay fee online and stay stress-free.
  Business Process Document :  
  Name of Process : Providing online Platform for collection fees.  
  Process Owner : Parmeshwari S. Deshpande  
  Created by : Sagar M. Mahagaonkar  
  Process Purpose : The purpose of the process document is to provide an online platform to school management for collecting school fees and maintaining records.  
  Process Flow :  
  As a part of providing interface and facilitate school for receiving fess of their students, following process would be followed School will display Payment button on their web-site After Clicking on Payment Button it will route to -


Based on the category payment collection is classified in 2 parameters i.e. New student & Existing student.

  • Name of Child
  • Name of Father
  • Name of Mother
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Admission for Which Std.
  • Email Id
  • Mobile No
  • Amount to Pay
  After entering the above information parents need to select the following payment option -
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Internet Banking
  After clicking on above payment mode there is a “SUBMIT” button, by further clicking on submit button, following information will get displayed.
  • Your Fees
  • Charges
  • Service Tax
  • Total Amount
  Then need to click on “AGREE” button displaying on the screen, then it will be routed for final payment.  

In the option of “existing student”, parent just have to enter his GRN number and other details will be auto populated from the database, parent is having option to make a partial or full payment.
  After that all the process is same as in New Student above.